The Residency

The new and luxurious Revanta Smart Residency

The new Revanta Smart Residency is a new venture from the Revanta Multi-State Cooperative Group Housing Society. The residential complex is very much affordable and is located at Delhi’s L.Zone, Dwarka. This provides people the opportunity of living in a luxurious house. The 2BHK apartment is priced at 28 lakhs for a total 975 sq.ft. There is a new name for the Revanta Smart Residency Phase 2. It is launched by the name of Revanta Heights.

An overview about the L Zone Plan

The Revanta Smart residency is located at the L Zone of Delhi. It is all set to become the smart city which uses various digital technologies for enhancing the performance as well as well-being for reduction of costs and consumption of resources. The zone is described as full of opportunities. The Revanta Smart Residency Phase 2 has changed their name to Revanta Heights and is planning to launch with it.

Why will the Revanta residency be a successful one?

This housing society comes with the most affordable residential complex in the L Zone of Delhi. They have some lucrative and attractive plans for people as well as corporates. These plans come with the affordability factor. The residency is being launched with the new name of Revanta Heights.

The Revanta residency as a vibrant Welfare Society

This residency is a brilliant welfare society which comes with the vision of quality as well as on-time delivery. They are experts in converting people’s dream houses into reality. They have grown tremendously within a brief time. Working with a customer centric approach as well as uncompromising business values, they have established their name in this field. They are an experienced group in the delivery of incredible housing projects. They offer every type of package and cater to every income group.