An overview on SRS Group

SRS Group is a brand name that evokes a lot of respect in the business sectors. This has been possible as the company has achieved success in various business ventures like Hospitals, Schools, Mining, Finance and many others. With their expert services and perfect solutions, the group has been able to make a permanent and prestigious place for itself in all industries. From constructing cinema halls to state of the art complexes, which are suitable for residential as well as commercial usage, food courts and apparel stores, they have successfully charted all business territories.

History of the group

The stones of accomplishment of the SRS Group were placed in the year 1990, when Dr. Jindal composed his financial and renting business and fused ‘Bansla Finlease Ltd.’ on October 7, 1991 and ‘BTL Investments Ltd.’ on May 19, 1995, with the key target of giving advances/financing for vehicles and hardware.

In 1997, the company entered a different section of production. They started manufacturing of palatable oils along with tea. The company was now known as the SRS Holdings India Ltd. Apart from this, they have been engaged with the construction and real estate industry. This has earned them a good reputation in the business circuits.

In 2001, the owners of the company investigated into the changing trends of the market and stepped into the retail sector. They also entered the entertainment industry. This was just the beginning of the journey. Slowly but steadily they ventured into the food business. In this sector, they opened food courts and food plazas, in various locations. Then came along the jewelry stores. As of now, the jewelry department deals in hallmark and gold ornaments. They have ten outlets all over the country.

Group promoters

The company was the brainchild of Dr. Anil Jindal. But the foundation of the establishment was laid by the efforts of three master minds. Apart from Dr. Jindal, Mr. Jitender Kumar Garg and Dr. P. K. Kapoor have been instrumental in collaborating and maintaining sound operations of the company. All the above-mentioned people are visionaries and experienced entrepreneurs, who had a good idea of what they wanted and how they wanted it.

With their combined efforts and knowledge, these three men have shown the others that you need not have a lot of capital to succeed in a venture. What you need is a sound plan and the determination to work, for the betterment of the ordinary people. They believe that there are no shortcuts to success.

Philanthropic nature of the group

Corporate Social Responsibility is the ethical grounds on which the company functions. They believe that though it is not possible for them to help all, they do their best to reach out to as many people as possible.

From providing free education, free healthcare facilities for the poor and rural people, to embarking on the crusade of saving girl children and women empowerment, the company takes an active part in all these matters.