Revanta Shah Ne Eram

One of the reasons for the trust that the people have been showing in the Revanta group is their abidance towards their ethics and their measures. They already has launched various projects aiming at different sections of the society to provide business and housing for all i.e. lower, middle and the upper class. This time, the group has targeted for the welfare of the people of all religion and communities.

Prior to the response that they received from their customers, Revanta group decided to launch their new project Shah-Ne-Eram targeting the Muslim population since there is a significant population of the Muslims that is living in the urban areas but are left alone and is thought as they are not urbanized enough. To remove away this difference, Revanta group has launched this venture to bring up all the brothers of different religions together. The ‘Shah-ne-Eram’ will bring up the people closer to their roots, culture and the people from their own sect removing away any kinds of distances between your family and main residence offering you to know your culture into a greater depth.

The project will be launched in the Dwarka, L-Zone and Delhi and will be working side by side with the Master Plan 2021 by DDA Land pooling. This project will aim at providing the Muslims with unmatched quality of homes in the Delhi Smart city and making them getting closer to their own culture with a perfect environment and feel and enhancing their lifestyle.