Revanta Officers Boulevard

About the venture

A flawless sign, showcasing solidarity and fellowship, Revanta Officers Boulevard genuinely fulfills the meaning of the name, doled out to it. This is a place where every officer can live with a feeling of collaboration. The project concentrates on giving world class atmosphere and convenience, in the market that is full of completion. People working in the government sectors can be set apart from the business communities. Government officials like to stay in proximity to each other, in the same professional field.

For some, how are looking forward to buying a property in a suitable setting, in the Delhi area, it is like a dream come true. DDA land arrangement policy has made it simpler for the property developers to dissect the entire area of Delhi, into three separate sectors. Various kinds of real estate projects are due in this area. Once this starts, the three areas, thus established, will function as smart cities. This, in turn, will help in turning Delhi into a city that conforms to all global standards and instills a feeling of harmony.

Benefits and the beneficiaries

The improvement of smart urban areas will be centered on the region of Dwarka, which is certified by the ministry of urban development, following the protocols of Master Plan Delhi 2021 and Land pooling planning. This is prompted in action by a group of government officials, who have the tendency of staying together. This way, they will be able to avail of many facilities. The primary goal of the venture is providing clean, healthy and high-class living conditions but at cheap rates.

The question of security is also duly addressed. Providing a person with a house is not our aim, but we strive towards giving a friendly atmosphere. We believe in brotherhood in place competitiveness. The people, who will be directly benefited from this project, are government bosses; we strive to build the project with trust and harmony being our pillars.