Revanta Commercial Plaza

Since the Land pooling policy under the master plan of 2021 is picking up heat, more and more residential and commercial projects are coming up. One of them is the Revanta group, which is being overlooked by people as a trusted and a reliable source since they are the one whose residential projects are already sold out and people are expecting more out of them. The group that has started gaining trust is also working in the same way and is ready to lay down their commercial plans in the L zone, Dwarka.

Considering the middle class of India who always had the potential and the influence, but who only lacked in terms of the capital to spread and lay down their ideas in forming an enterprise can finally come true with the help of Revanta Group. They are providing everyone with a vast set of opportunities to get their dreams true. To get them done, Revanta group provided shops at a rate of INR 7500 per square feet, making it possible for the middle class to buy it while the others were selling the same piece at a rate of 40,000. This thing made everyone run after these commercial complexes instead of the others. The reason that business organizations or ideas are going to flourish in the L Zone is that the residential complexes here in Dwarka and will be mainly owned by the upper class which will ultimately set uplift in the price and that we have already seen according to the stats of the first quarter of 2016. That’s the reason businessmen and investors are already running after these kind of complexes.