Master Plan Delhi 2021

The MASTER PLAN DELHI 2021 is also known as the MPD 2021. It is interesting to note that this plan is conceived in the year 2003 by the Union Ministry related to urban development. According to the Urban Development Ministry, this program should be executed with the help of the Delhi Development Authority which is also known as the DDA. It is a very complicated plan that is quite evident from the fact that it involved 200 experts belonging to different fields and divided into 12 subgroups to draft this urban development plan. Moreover, it is interesting to mention that it took two long years to formulate this plan.

MPD 2021

In this context, it is interesting to note that the MPD 2021 and Land Pooling Policy has won the prestigious ISOCARP award in the year 2008. The citation of the award is as follows:

“This plan has been able to project its real capabilities to house the rising population in one of the most multiple metropolitan cities in the world. Moreover, despite the presence of several challenges that is common in a big metropolis like Delhi, this plan has effectively taken into consideration the interests of many groups. Those groups include trade, environment, and commerce, the shelter of human beings and conservation of heritage sites. It has the unique ability to monitor the process according to the code of conduct.”

The rise of the population of Delhi at a steady pace has prompted the government officials to devise a strategy with the help of which the rising population can be accommodated. As per the Master Plan Delhi 2021, Delhi would grow wider and taller so that it can provide 25 lakh new accommodation units. Keeping this aim in mind, the land that is present within the border of Delhi and which is also close to Dwarka has been given the nod to be developed for providing people with accommodation facilities. Also, if the execution and planning work is in sync with each other, the problem of rising population can be addressed. The Dwarka extension is the perfect place for the middle-class people to have affordable houses.