Delhi Awas Mission

Delhi Awas Mission

One of the essential needs of any individual is a home. A house is a security that permits each person to prosper under the thought that all is well. The person gets a realization that toward the day’s end, there is a place where she or he can unwind his or her mind and body. This place will assist them preparing for the battle that sits tight for him or her, following day. A house is a place where a person nurtures new dreams.  Thus, a home is of primary importance in the lives of all as without this; survival is not possible. From huts to dens to today’s multistoried apartment buildings, all are proofs of what the actual meaning of a home or house is to the owners.

Knowing about Dwarka Phase-2

Delhi Development Authority made a noteworthy stride towards guaranteeing that individuals get house inside their budgetary capacity under MPD 2021 at Dwarka Phase-2.

Migrating trends among Delhi-ites

The Awas Mission is the result of an extraordinary vision of giving reasonable lodging solutions for the people of Delhi. This is because residents of Delhi migrating to neighboring states including Noida, Gr.Noida, Gurgaon or Ghaziabad because of unprecedented increase in the costs of the property. With time, Delhi government spilled the revenues as well. According to the protocols of the plan, the houses will be completed within a span of 5 years.

Starting a new trend

The Awas Mission has kept aside 33% of the total number of units for women. This step is a welcome change, and it shows that the real estate developers also keep a close watch on the welfare of the entire society. They also believe in the scope of women empowerment.