APS Revanta Plaza

Have you always dreamt of having your own office? Got the ideas? Got the potential? But still are unable to execute your dreams just because you don’t have that much capital that you can have your own office or invest in the commercial field. Don’t worry, Revanta Developers extending their own model to a new enterprise APS Revanta Developers which is being considered as the sister of Revanta group brought up their one of the most exciting plans which aims at such class, an offer that you can’t say no. They are going to launch their commercial project that is Revanta Plaza. While all over the L-zone, the prices are around INR 40,000 per square feet, Revanta came up with their own set of prices with a starting price of INR 7500 per square feet. This will provide a huge boost to the market; moreover, will increase the number of malls and shops in the region too. Since under the DDA Land pooling under the master plan which needs to be executed by the year 2021, various builders and groups are looking forward to expand their area but among them all, Revanta Developers have come up at the top. In the Revanta commercial plaza, there are 200, 300, 400 and 600 sq ft. Spaces are available on the easy payment basis and plans. All you need to do is to pay the first 25% within 45 days of booking rest you can through CPL method.